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Hours Of Operation

  • Mon-Fri: 6am-10pm
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For years, we, at Gate Repair Grand Prairie, have been helping residents of the local area enjoy a high level of security and convenience by providing professional services for automatic gates. Count on us for fast repair when you have a broken track or a malfunctioning opener. We are experts in making adjustments to ensure flawless operation. Our company provides fast emergency assistance whenever the need arises. Our range of services includes maintenance and installation in addition to repair. When you are very busy and cannot care properly for your automatic unit, or when you plan upgrades, our team is available to help.

There isn’t a problem that we cannot solve. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced. Our company works with absolutely all types of gates, openers and intercoms. When it comes to broken chain replacement or changing faulty safety sensors, you can expect us to do the job very quickly. We are fully stocked on replacement components. 

Gate Repair Grand Prairie

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Gate Services

Automatic Gate

If your electric gate at home is need of repairs or maintenance, or you want a new one installed, be sure to contact one of our technicians for assistance.

Gate Repair Services

If you are in need of gate repair services you can count on, contact us! Our company repairs commercial and residential gates of all types, brands, and makes. Read more here.

Residential Gate

You can always trust our company to provide you with excellent residential gate repair and replacement services. We offer opener repairs, gate alignment, replacement of worn parts and much more.


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Our gate and opener installation services are completely reliable and quite fast. You will get professional consultation in order to choose the best model. Our maintenance service is among the best in Texas. It covers all components and includes preventive repair and the changing of worn parts. Find out more about our expert solutions now.

Quick and Reliable Opener Repair

Did the motor unit stop working all of a sudden? Is there a problem with the moving arm or chain? Our job is to provide professional repair in the shortest time. Our work starts with a simple check. Usually, the problem comes from a hardware part. If you have a bent sprocket, we will fix it. If you have a broken gear, rely on us to replace it with a matching one.
Gate Repair Grand Prairie is known for fixing and replacing motors, safety sensors and remote controls fast.

Experts in Repairing and Replacing Hardware Parts

When your gate is uneven, noisy or completely jammed, one of the hardware components is most likely to blame. We repair hinge welding, bent tracks and loose wheels. Any problem can be solved with the right kind of technique. When a component is broken or completely worn, rely on us for quick replacement. Our spare parts are tough and can withstand the test of time. Installing them securely is essential. That is why we always test the automatic gate after the job is done.

Rotten Gate Repair for Giving the Unit a New Life

Failing to annually repaint a wood gate with specially formulated exterior-grade paint, puts it at high risk of rotting. Our check will reveal which sections of the unit can be saved and which ones have to be removed. The sooner you call Gate Repair Grand Prairie, the higher the chances of restoring all panels and posts are. After carefully removing the damaged wood, we use a special filler for filling the holes. With the application of sealant and paint, your gate will look as good as new and become strong once again. 

Full Maintenance Service Making Your Life Easier

You need to clean your gate, lubricate the moving hardware parts made of metal and make adjustments to the opener settings at least twice a year. This seems like a lot of hard work and it is. The good news is that our company is ready to take over at any minute. Our maintenance service goes far beyond cleaning, lubrication and adjustments. We inspect all parts and test the system rigorously. This enables us to replace the worn components before they break and to make timely repairs that will prevent bigger issues.

With Gate Repair Grand Prairie, You Always Get Professional Help Fast

Get in touch with us for any problems you may be having with your gate, or simply for our maintenance or installation services. You will get answers to all your questions. Our goal is to service all of our customers in the shortest possible time.

Feel free to browse our website to learn more about us and what we have to offer.





Pleasantly surprised

“My husband is not the handiest person to have around so when our driveway gate stopped opening, I knew we had to call in a professional. You guys fixed our gate and gave us some really good maintenance tips!”

Federica Perez

Thanks for not making me feel like an idiot!

“I was clueless on how to fix our electric driveway gate when it eventually stopped working. Your technician fixed our gate while answering all of my silly questions, and also gave me some awesome maintenance tips!”

Robbie Mickleson

Can’t believe how quick you guys were!

 “I really thought that fixing my driveway gate would take so much time but you guys did such a fast and amazing job! The repair bill didn’t hurt either! Keep up the good work!”

Brittany Evans

You guys rock!

“After doing my own frequent DIY fixes to our electric gate, my wife had enough. She contacted your company and we haven’t regretted it! You fixed it in no time at all and we haven’t had any problems since. Thanks!”

Dylan Rexton