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When something about your gate isn’t working exactly right, it’s a good idea to call the pros to make sure it’s checked out properly.

And, when you need advice or useful hints about keeping your gate operating perfectly, take a look at our informative tips section below.

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Take measures to prevent insects from getting inside the gate motor unit

The best way to go is to seal all holes which have no practical purpose and which insects and possibly small lizards can use to get inside. Use a sealing product which is formulated for outdoor use and which can withstand the test of time. Even with the holes filled, you should check the unit for unwanted guests regularly.

Consider a deadbolt lock for your garden gate

A deadbolt is more difficult to overcome, especially with forceful techniques, compared to a latch bolt lock. Ideally, the deadbolt will be made from steel or brass and have a one-inch throw. You can expect it to withstand the test of time with regular cleaning and lubrication only. Never hide keys in the garden or in the mail box to ensure optimal security.